Having difficulty placing your loved one in a residential home?

More and more you hear about stories like the one below and it is a common problem currently happening across the country. We here at Desert Cottages make our residents feel special, welcome and allow them to age in place.  We are unique in our business, because we take care of these individuals that are being evicted...So please give us a call: 760-342-7767


Nursing homes turn to eviction to drop difficult patients

NEW YORK (AP) — Nursing homes are increasingly evicting their most challenging residents, testing protections for some of society's most vulnerable, advocates for the aged and disabled say.


Those targeted for eviction are frequently poor and suffering from dementia, with families unsure of what to do, according to residents' allies. Removing them allows an often stretched-thin staff to avoid the demands of labor-intensive patients in favor of ones who are easier and more profitable.


"When they get tired of caring for the resident, they kick the resident out," said Richard Mollot of the Long Term Care Community Coalition, a New York advocacy group.


Complaints and lawsuits across the U.S. point to a spike in evictions even as observers note available records only give a glimpse of the problem.



Nursing homes turn to eviction to drop difficult patients


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