Elder Care General Expense Guide

Basic Minimum Expenses for a Resident at an Elder Care Facility*:


-Monthly Food Expense:

3 meals/day at an average of $2.00/meal = $180.00/month.


-Monthly Room and Board Expense:

1 room at an average of $500.00/month.


-Direct Care Expense:

1 caregiver at a minimum of $8.00/hour, working 10 hours/day = $80.00/day = a minimum of $2400.00/month. (Additionally, Direct Care Expenses  usually vary based on the individual needs of the potential resident, with lowered care expenses for individuals requiring less intensive care, and with the opposite being true for individuals requiring more intensive care.)


-Minimum Monthly Expense Total: $180.00 (Food) + $500.00 (Room and Board) + $24000.00 (Care) = $3080.00/month.


*Please be advised, this expense guide is a list of the most basic and general expenses for care, and is not an expense break down for elder care costs at Desert Cottages, or any individual residential care facility for the elderly. 


-Additional Expenses (If applicable or desired):

-Incontinence Supplies

-Beautician Appointments

-Podiatry Services

-Prescription Drugs/ Medical Supplies