Our Programs and Services: Just Like Home

Whether it's helping with the little things in the daily life of a senior citizen suffering from dementia /Alzheimer's, or providing a high degree of attention and care - our work always focuses on the needs of the individual. They are entitled to a life under decent conditions and adapted to their lifestyle habits. Esteem, respect, understanding and sensitivity all shape how our qualified and dedicated staff deal with residents, thus creating a trusting and personal relationship.


30 Years Experience in Client Services



Overview of Our Programs and Services

Above: Jean Lambert, Nutritionist


Dementia/ Memory Care Program

Our program incorporates a wide variety of therapeutic features, which include stimulating, tranquil, or socially interactive activities that are suited for memory-impared individuals.



Hospice Care

At Desert Cottages, we are experienced in providing care for terminally ill patients. We understand the delicate condition of residents needing Hospice care, and work closely with their families --offering them support and helping to guide them during this difficult time.


Pet Therapy

We believe that frequent interaction and access to various pets adds to the quality of our residents' social lives. Pets give unconditional love and companionship to people who might otherwise feel lonely or neglected. We believe that frequent, prolonged exposure to pets helps reduce and/or eliminate the "three plagues of long-term care."



Transitioning Program 

The arrival and transition of a resident to our home is one of the most delicate and important processes in ensuring the physical, mental, and emotional stability of the individual. We employ several processes that help to establish the resident as a member of the community.


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Respite Care

With our inpatient care we can ease the burden on family members by offering complete, yet temporary care to our residents for predetermined lengths of time.