Transitioning Program

Desert Cottages recognizes that additional stresses may be placed on individuals when they enter into a new environment. Our Transition Program focuses on aclimating new residents to their environment as timely and as comfortably as possible. One of our staff members is appointed to work directly and specifically with the new resident, in order to understand the resident's personal preferences and habits. By establishing familiarity and forming a relationship with the resident, our goal is to convey a feeling of security and establish a high degree of trust with our new resident. 


Specifically, our program incorporates: 


  • “One on one” caregiving/detailed analysis of adjustment and acclamation for the first 3 nights
  • A welcome dinner/ “meet-n-greet” on day of arrival
  • Daily walk-thru's, i.e. time spent familiarizing newly arrived residents with facility
  • Discovering individual interests/ hobbies and incorporating them into our activities program


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